Surprise in an abandoned park

A few weeks ago we went to Downsview park to scout for a nice forrest/pond/leaves-on-the-ground themed photoshoot spot. Well, we must’ve went in the wrong entrance of this humongous under-developed “park” and stumbled across a completely unexpected site: rustic run-down buildings and a helicopter landing-site! *SCORE!





Behind those blue/black windows is a garage of helicopters!




I used to only love sunny days for pictures, for the warm glow, hair lights, and lens flares. But these cool toned surroundings suit a cloudy day just right! The clouds diffuse the light nicely and create a more even light cast – less awkward shadows on the face!


It’s not always a bad thing to lose your original destination, there might be a surprise waiting!


Sweater dress: Asos

Scarf & Legging: clubmonaco

Trench:Β Burberry

Flats: Sam Edelman

Surprise in an abandoned park

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