Europe adventures (Part I) Munich/Neuschwanstein castle


(View of Hohenschwangau castle in Fussen. Photo by Ericcheng)

This is a LONG overdue post of our adventures in Europe! It started after stumbling upon a random article about top10/most beautiful/must-see castles in the world, and a picture of the neuschwanstein castle caught my fancy. (What a mouthful, we’re going to call it the swan-castle XD). From there, with the help with Rick Steves and Frommer’s guidebooks,  a perfect-awesome-kick-ass-unbeaten itinerary was born: Munich –> Fussen –> Salzburg –> Hallstatt –> Vienna –> Prague !!! *Insert happy dance*

Starting off with Munich, of course we saw the old/new town hall, and watched the infamous Glockenspiel (a clock thing of an intricate design of life sized figures that chimes/dances everyday at 11AM).

It’s a good idea to climb the towers to the top for a gorgeous view of the city!



In the afternoon we hopped on the subway.. I mean U-Bahn, to the BMW museum. It was quite an experience as we happened to be waiting for the train that’s going to a soccer game, and witnessed HUGE LOADS of excited soccer-fans holding their beers squeezing onto the train. (Alcohol in public => Germany is awesome) We (happily) waited to get on the train after 3 rounds, andddddd BAM, BMW kingdom right outside the Olympiazentrum station.



After 2 days in Munich, we took a 2 hour train to the town of Fussen, home of the infamous castles built by King Ludwig II – Neuschwanstein castle (his dream/fantasy castle) and Hohenschwangau castle (his home, where he grew up).

The view is just breathtaking.


All guidebooks will tell you the view of the castle is best from Mary’s bridge (marienbrücke), and here’s proof of that! Just in AWE…. This is the castle Mr.Walt Disney got his inspiration from for the cinderella castle.

Many people leave engraved locks on the bridge (note to self, bring locks to destinations involving bridges… missed my chance last time on the Point Alexandre bridge in Paris)

The highlight of the castle is this view from afar, the inside was not as… impressive. To be fair, it wasn’t completed, before the king died (mysteriously).

On the way down the hill, we came across an adorable gift shop on the mountain, and somebody had a tough time deciding between the [Flying cow] and the [Sleepy Schaf], but as you probably guessed by now (eh hem blog name), sleepy schaf just cried out to me and I was a happy little girl to bring her home!!! (FYI, schaf = sheep in german)


Hmmm I guess the origin of this blog name is revealed =D


Photo credits: eric cheng

Europe adventures (Part I) Munich/Neuschwanstein castle

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