Pastel & Leather


I’m always impressed by the creative names that people come up with to make things appear more fancy. Polyurethane (PU) is a great man-made alternative to real leather. Instead of “fake leather”, we give it a french twist by calling it “faux leather”. Woah, PU just got bumped in class, it’s french! Recently I’ve been noticing “vegan leather” surfacing in my online shoppings. Wait, it sounds like it’s not fake leather but at the same time animal-friendly?? Actually, it’s another fancy name for “eco-friendly fake leather”. =D

I don’t mind artificial leather at all, this PU skirt from ASOS was a great find for me. Much less expensive than leather but still very soft and holds a puffy-structured shape. I loved pairing it with this soft, pastel silk blouse with a flowy slit shoulder!








Blouse (old): Clubmonaco | Skirt: Asos | Oxfords: Jcrew | Lips: Revlon moisture stain (barcelona nights)

Pastel & Leather

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