Europe Adventures (Part III) Hallstatt


I saw a picture of this sight on a TV show, and was instantly drawn in. It had to be on my list of must-go sites. Hallstatt is just two hours away from Salzburg. This little town felt out of this world – the beautiful mountains, lake, and historical structures were a wonderful contrast to the city buzz. This world heritage site has the world’s first known salt mine (which can be toured). We didn’t visit the salt mine due to time limitations, but we easily strolled through this darling town on foot in about 2-3 hours.





This must be the most breathtaking view to have with lunch. There was a lazy cat strolling by our feet and two swans swimming just below us on the water. It was like falling into a fairytale!


The hills were decorated with little houses along the lakeside. Of course it was artfully arranged with stone steps and charming little alleyways. One can only imagine waking up to this view every day…(minus all the tourists haha).

See Part II Salzburg here.

Next stop, Viena!

Europe Adventures (Part III) Hallstatt

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