Little black dress @ the Boardwalk

The past monday, my “personal photographer” took me to Cafe Boulud for summerlicious dinner. The food was good, as anticipated for a restaurant in the Four Seasons. The atmosphere was very enjoyable – elegant decors with Andy Warhol inspired artworks and lux/deep colour palettes. I especially enjoyed my drink, the “Yorkville Affair”, wild flower gin in elderflower liquor and white cranberry juice, with rose petals in ice. This drink is fail-proof for the ladies, a romantic floral aroma with rose petals to boost!? Needless to say, the next day we hit the LCBO and bought a bottle of elderflower liqueur, and my “personal bartender” (what a talented bf) made me a simple Gin + elderflower + lime drink which was just as delicious. =D

Anyway, we took a stroll after dinner by Toronto harbour front “the boardwalk”. The sunlight would’ve been perfect at around 7:30pm, but was blocked by the crowded high-rises. It was relaxing and romantic nonetheless =)

Little black dress @ the Boardwalk

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