Packing session – travel essentials!

Planning and packing for travelling is definitely my favourite part of going on vacation. Something about the anticipation of the excitement to come is so thrilling. And there’s no better way to start the travel diary than a packing list and outfit plan!

Carry-on :

1. Passport
2. Fluffy neck pillow
3. Hand cream/salve
4. Face mask
5. Lip products
6. Travel book

As I want to make the most out of the trip, planning outfits ahead of time saves me a ton of stress and time.
I factored in the weather, the theme, and special dress codes into the planning. For example, on days of visiting major churches, shoulders and upper legs need to be covered. And for beautiful coastline cities, light flowy dresses are a must! Here are a few of the planned outfits, but I’m sure there’ll be mixing and matching along the way!





For the flights, I’ll be comfy and snug in a pair of leggings, super soft t-shirt, slouchy cardigan, and fluffy scarf (to double as blanket).

Italy here we come!!!

Packing session – travel essentials!

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