Arriving in Venice


This italy adventure began with Venice. Well, Murano to be exact, as we booked our hotel on this charming island just 20 minutes away from Venice. The La Gare Hotel definitely exceeded our expectations and is highly recommended anyone’s next trip to Venice!

Loved the modern and clean decors throughout LaGare. After freshening up we’re heading out to Venice!

Snapping some shots right outside the hotel while waiting for the vaporetto. Immediately falling in love with the signature colourful panel windows!

Our first evening in Venice was a quiet one, off-the-beaten-path style. We didn’t visit the top sites but instead wondered freely through winding streets and bridges. I realized one doesn’t really need a plan in Venice, it’s charming at every corner! We grabbed a homey dinner at a hole-in-the-wall family restaurant – and it was the most aromatic/flavorful burger + skewer ever landed on our tastebuds!

The infamous San Marco square is best visited repeated through different times of the day. In the evening time it is lively and romantic. There are about 4 cafes on this prime location which hosts live performances at night. My favorite was definitely the Jazz one facing the Doge’s Palace – the jazz ensemble took my breathe away~~~

Arriving in Venice

6 thoughts on “Arriving in Venice

  1. Are you travelling elsewhere in Italy? I’m planning to spend a couple of weeks in Italy in October, super excited! I’ve heard Venice is quite expensive though, would you say it’s worth it?

    1. Hi there! I visited Venice, Sorrento, Positano, and Rome on a 10 day trip. If you have a couple weeks there’re endless possibilities for you!! You should definitely also visit Florence, Sicily, and possibly Cinque Terre if not Positano. Rick Steves’ book will answer all your questions =) And Venice was a little more expensive than the mainlands, but reasonable, and definitely worth it!!

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