Healthy dose of COLOUR in Burano

Burano is the most wonderfully colourful little island just 20 minutes vaporetto-ride away from Murano, where our trip was based. (Don’t mind me mentioning again how much I enjoyed staying at Murano — it’s around 20 minutes from both Venice and Burano, it’s a quiet escape from the tourists in Venice, and it’s charming island itself with beautiful Murano glass shops!)
Burano is famous for its lace and colourful houses. I’d say you’ll probably forget about the lace and be unavoidably hit with the intensity of saturation here. I mean, BAMMM COLOUR!!

Ok I’ll admit, there’ll beΒ tons of shops selling lace products too. And by lace products I mean lace clothing, and most frequently mini-lace-umbrellas. They were mostly unimpressive and also mostly not even made in Burano. Real Burano lace takes a long time to produce and can be very expensive. So Β be selective in quality if you’re interested in bringing home a real burano-souvenir!


As my favorite colour is purple (or more precisely, lilac), I was on a hunt for lavender/lilac coloured walls. Of course it was not even a challenge to find! =D Just enjoying a gelato by my favorite lilac wall here!

Next up, more Burano and Venice!


Healthy dose of COLOUR in Burano

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