Burano love continues and Sunset in Venice


In Burano, it’s not just the colourful walls, it’s the whole ensemble of matching curtains, windows, and walls! This particular style of window covering – stripes in matching colour of the walls, was unique to Burano (at least we didn’t spot any in Venice). Burano is such a small island that you don’t even need a map or sense of direction. It was completely free to be discovered without a worry of getting lost. And we were happy to lose ourselves sometimes in the cozy backyard of someone’s charming home.

What a wonderful place of a backyard! It was a arch of shrub with a little heart shaped plate hanging.





Back at Murano for a satisfying lunch at the B restaurant. A definite MUST-try. The seafood pasta was loaded with the freshest muscles and clams it was a flavour explosion.

Then we finally made it back to Venice, for a stroll basked in Venecian dusk.








I would be selfish if I didn’t mention what a hidden treasure Dorso Duro was. It’s a much quieter area near the Academia Galleries. The waterfront was the most perfectly beautiful location to take in the sunset. Everything was glowing – the beautiful buildings, the water, the bridges, and the colourful gondolas. And as a bonus, it wasn’t flocked by tourists!!! What a relaxing and mesmerizing evening.

Burano love continues and Sunset in Venice

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