Sorrento’s winding mountain roads


We flew from Venice to Naples, and took the Curreri Viaggi airport shuttle at Naples to Sorrento. This route was an excellent choice as it took shorter time than taking the train and it avoided the Naples central train station (which we heard chaotic things about). It was an amazing ride going up the winding mountain roads to the villa — it took some effort to find, but once we were there, the view just blew our socks off.

On our first day, we walked down the mountain for about half an hour to the sorrento city centre. This walk was absolutely charming as we wonder through narrow alleyways with walls covered in greens and we met a few adorable creatures along the way. Even though we didn’t have much time to explore much of the city centre, we did catch a nice view of the harbour. There was a pizza & wine party back at the villa so we rushed back just before sunset, and caught the most breathtaking view of sunset over sorrento on the balcony of the villa. It was a long day, tiring but completely fulfilling. We couldn’t wait for tomorrow – we’ll be visiting Positano in the morning and attend & photoshoot our friend’s beautiful wedding! Stay tuned =)













Sorrento’s winding mountain roads

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