Positano & Sorrento wedding

This italy trip originated from the main purpose of attending our friend’s wedding in Sorrento. With a tight schedule, we decided to take a morning trip to Positano before the wedding in the afternoon. Boy aren’t we glad we pushed ourselves to squeeze that in, Positano was such a wonderful bundle of joy (and the bus ride there over the mountain cliffs was a delightful thrill too!) We powered through Positano in just 2 hours, walking down to the beach with views of the colourful houses and back up to the bus stop.










Finally we rushed back to get ready to attend the wedding. It took place on the terrace of a hotel on the Sorrento mountains, overlooking the Mediterranean sea and island of Capri. It was an intimate wedding of under 30 attendees, but it was the most beautiful and breathtaking celebration that we were so lucky to be a part of. Visit the photographer’s website for more wedding photos.

I’ve always been obsessed about sunsets, but there’s something magical about sunset in Sorrento. The golden soft lights, the orange sun, the purple sky, the peach clouds, and turquoise sea, everyone was completely mesmerized by the view. We met so many amazing people at the event, it really gave us an eye-opening experience on what an “international life” means. The surreal view, the incredible people, and the love between the couple, all made this one of the most enjoyable nights we’ve had.






Positano & Sorrento wedding

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