Vatican city

Every end of year we think to ourselves:” wow, can’t believe the year flew by like that!” But when I think back to all the adventures and changes I experienced the past year, the year suddenly feels incredibly long. I spent this christmas on a short trip with some close friends. We visited Montreal, ski’d in Mt.Tremblant, and made dumplings together at a friend’s house in Ottawa. These off-days were crucial for me to recharge and start thinking about new goals for the new year. One of them is to keep nourishing this blog, of course, so I’ll take an early start with the last post of the year.

Our third day in Rome was mainly revolved around Vatican city. I booked a vatican garden tour, which offers a 2 hour tour of the vatican garden and entry to the vatican museum, all for 32euros. I deserve a pat on the back for this booking, because we saw a ridiculous line that circled around the walls of the city for admission without reservation. The garden was very quiet and secluded, since all the tourists were crowded in the museum. It wasn’t exactly flourishing with flowers, but was more focused on green landscaping and monuments. The vatican museum was flooded with tourists. We did enjoy the sistine chapel in all its glory. One can spend hours with a sore neck appreciating the history and art behind the masterpiece. That’s it for now, can’t wait for more amazing adventures in 2015!













Vatican city

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