Beach life – taking a breather


After an intense working month, I took a breather and spent a week in Punta Cana with some great company. The Bavaro beach was just as in pictures – cushiony white sands and turquoise ocean. Beach resort vacation is definitely the most fun with a big group of fun friends. We rode dune buggies in the mud, sailed on the catamaran, played volleyball on the sands, searched for starfish in the ocean, played Resistance at night, and made deep conversations by the beach. It was meditating to shut my mind off from work and let my mind breathe completely. We all need it. It doesn’t have to be by a beach. Just give time to relax and recharge so you can take on life with a positive and energized spirit.







Beach life – taking a breather

Positano & Sorrento wedding

This italy trip originated from the main purpose of attending our friend’s wedding in Sorrento. With a tight schedule, we decided to take a morning trip to Positano before the wedding in the afternoon. Boy aren’t we glad we pushed ourselves to squeeze that in, Positano was such a wonderful bundle of joy (and the bus ride there over the mountain cliffs was a delightful thrill too!) We powered through Positano in just 2 hours, walking down to the beach with views of the colourful houses and back up to the bus stop.










Finally we rushed back to get ready to attend the wedding. It took place on the terrace of a hotel on the Sorrento mountains, overlooking the Mediterranean sea and island of Capri. It was an intimate wedding of under 30 attendees, but it was the most beautiful and breathtaking celebration that we were so lucky to be a part of. Visit the photographer’s website for more wedding photos.

I’ve always been obsessed about sunsets, but there’s something magical about sunset in Sorrento. The golden soft lights, the orange sun, the purple sky, the peach clouds, and turquoise sea, everyone was completely mesmerized by the view. We met so many amazing people at the event, it really gave us an eye-opening experience on what an “international life” means. The surreal view, the incredible people, and the love between the couple, all made this one of the most enjoyable nights we’ve had.






Positano & Sorrento wedding

Little black dress @ the Boardwalk

The past monday, my “personal photographer” took me to Cafe Boulud for summerlicious dinner. The food was good, as anticipated for a restaurant in the Four Seasons. The atmosphere was very enjoyable – elegant decors with Andy Warhol inspired artworks and lux/deep colour palettes. I especially enjoyed my drink, the “Yorkville Affair”, wild flower gin in elderflower liquor and white cranberry juice, with rose petals in ice. This drink is fail-proof for the ladies, a romantic floral aroma with rose petals to boost!? Needless to say, the next day we hit the LCBO and bought a bottle of elderflower liqueur, and my “personal bartender” (what a talented bf) made me a simple Gin + elderflower + lime drink which was just as delicious. =D

Anyway, we took a stroll after dinner by Toronto harbour front “the boardwalk”. The sunlight would’ve been perfect at around 7:30pm, but was blocked by the crowded high-rises. It was relaxing and romantic nonetheless =)

Little black dress @ the Boardwalk

Breezy weekend getaway – Gravenhurst


We had a lovely weekend getaway in Gravenhurst as early celebration for my birthday =)
We were pretty much the ONLY tourists here on a monday, feeling exclusive at this serene place.

Found an awesome weather-predicting system: 100% accurate!

Brightly-coloured little houses fill this charming little town!

This boat somehow reminds me of the train in the movie “Wild Wild West”, it was vintage and refined (and off-limits to public 😦 )

Then we drove to Bracebridge, another small town nearby, and ended up at the bottom of a water dam through a hidden path!
I might as well be a monkey – I have a natural tendency to climb tall things. When we came across the bottom of this bridge, I forgot about the dainty white skirt I was wearing and climbed up to sit on this metal bar =D *mission accomplished

It was getting hot and we wanted a cold beer badly. Finally found the one bar in this town but it was closed on monday T_T
But how amazing is the patio of this bar?? Like a secret garden much??

No beer in the end… Out of desperation we settled for iced coffee and latte at a homey cafe.

Outfit of the day was a mix of old and rarely-worn items. Yes, sometimes you gotta look deeper in that closet. You bought those things at some point for a reason, wear them!
A light cardigan on a sunny day helps protect the shoulders from sunburn!

Cardigan: Clubmonaco
Top: Asos
Skirt: Clubmonaco

Breezy weekend getaway – Gravenhurst