Spring flowers


This spring creeped in quite suddenly. It felt like yesterday was snow and blizzards like Narnia and the next day was sunshine and bird-chirping. It might also be that my calendar has somehow kept super busy the past few weeks that I’m almost not noticing other changes in life. This reminds me of a quote I came across the other day: “Life is what happens when you’re busy planning other things”. It completely resonates at this very moment. I’ve been trying to remind myself of this whenever I start to lose myself in work and future planning – and so this cherry blossom photoshoot was a perfect example of my new practice. We were actually location scouting here for an upcoming photoshoot, and decided to turn a work-related chore into a fun adventure: snapped some amazing shots, then explored the neighbourhood (parkdale, toronto) and had some amazing brunch and desserts here. The only sacrifice was sleep: we woke up at 4am to catch the sunrise at High Park, but the whole day was so fulfilling and enjoyable, it was completely worth it =D (photo credit: ericcheng.ca)

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Spring flowers

Orange sunset | enchanted maze

We planned to visit High Park to see the cherry blossoms. But apparently the bloom is over and a sudden shower came over us just as we were about to head out. That didn’t stop us! We went nonetheless and were rewarded with the most magical soft, peachy, and warm sunset after the dark clouds passed. You can’t ask for this kind of lighting, you just wish you’d get lucky and catch it one day =D

Photos by Eric Cheng











White shirt: clubmonaco (old)

Lace cami: Asos

Maxi skirt: Asos (old)

Orange sunset | enchanted maze

Surprise in an abandoned park

A few weeks ago we went to Downsview park to scout for a nice forrest/pond/leaves-on-the-ground themed photoshoot spot. Well, we must’ve went in the wrong entrance of this humongous under-developed “park” and stumbled across a completely unexpected site: rustic run-down buildings and a helicopter landing-site! *SCORE!





Behind those blue/black windows is a garage of helicopters!




I used to only love sunny days for pictures, for the warm glow, hair lights, and lens flares. But these cool toned surroundings suit a cloudy day just right! The clouds diffuse the light nicely and create a more even light cast – less awkward shadows on the face!


It’s not always a bad thing to lose your original destination, there might be a surprise waiting!


Sweater dress: Asos

Scarf & Legging: clubmonaco

Trench: Burberry

Flats: Sam Edelman

Surprise in an abandoned park