Spring flowers


This spring creeped in quite suddenly. It felt like yesterday was snow and blizzards like Narnia and the next day was sunshine and bird-chirping. It might also be that my calendar has somehow kept super busy the past few weeks that I’m almost not noticing other changes in life. This reminds me of a quote I came across the other day: “Life is what happens when you’re busy planning other things”. It completely resonates at this very moment. I’ve been trying to remind myself of this whenever I start to lose myself in work and future planning – and so this cherry blossom photoshoot was a perfect example of my new practice. We were actually location scouting here for an upcoming photoshoot, and decided to turn a work-related chore into a fun adventure: snapped some amazing shots, then explored the neighbourhood (parkdale, toronto) and had some amazing brunch and desserts here. The only sacrifice was sleep: we woke up at 4am to catch the sunrise at High Park, but the whole day was so fulfilling and enjoyable, it was completely worth it =D (photo credit: ericcheng.ca)

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Spring flowers

Beach life – taking a breather


After an intense working month, I took a breather and spent a week in Punta Cana with some great company. The Bavaro beach was just as in pictures – cushiony white sands and turquoise ocean. Beach resort vacation is definitely the most fun with a big group of fun friends. We rode dune buggies in the mud, sailed on the catamaran, played volleyball on the sands, searched for starfish in the ocean, played Resistance at night, and made deep conversations by the beach. It was meditating to shut my mind off from work and let my mind breathe completely. We all need it. It doesn’t have to be by a beach. Just give time to relax and recharge so you can take on life with a positive and energized spirit.







Beach life – taking a breather

Rome – colosseum & the forum


We came across some seriously unbelievable surprises in Rome – we bumped into two groups of friends who came from two different parts of the world! No, we didn’t plan this at all and didn’t even know the other party was in Rome. How amazing is the coincidence?!

The ancient remains in the Forum and the colosseum were magnificent. Though I think it’s the whole image of new structures and preserved structures combined that is most memorable. One of my favorite things is actually the mushroom (or umbrella) looking trees around the city. These tall and adorable beings make such an unique accessory for this busy city. I simply can’t get enough of them!

Today’s itinerary was roughly the Forum, capitoline hill, Colosseum, gelato/lunch break, Pantheon, and Piazza Novona. I have to admit that some disappointment was involved because all of the restaurants/gelaterrias we bookmarked were closed due to the Romans’ holidays. Well, I guess we learned a thing about their culture! Nonetheless, the day was bathed in golden sunlight and I think my favorite spot was Piazza Novona during sunset. It was so lively, filled with musicians performing, artists displaying their paintings, merchants selling balloons, and of course excited tourists such as ourselves. Hope you enjoy the pictures (and stay tuned for more!)













Rome – colosseum & the forum

Arriving in Venice


This italy adventure began with Venice. Well, Murano to be exact, as we booked our hotel on this charming island just 20 minutes away from Venice. The La Gare Hotel definitely exceeded our expectations and is highly recommended anyone’s next trip to Venice!

Loved the modern and clean decors throughout LaGare. After freshening up we’re heading out to Venice!

Snapping some shots right outside the hotel while waiting for the vaporetto. Immediately falling in love with the signature colourful panel windows!

Our first evening in Venice was a quiet one, off-the-beaten-path style. We didn’t visit the top sites but instead wondered freely through winding streets and bridges. I realized one doesn’t really need a plan in Venice, it’s charming at every corner! We grabbed a homey dinner at a hole-in-the-wall family restaurant – and it was the most aromatic/flavorful burger + skewer ever landed on our tastebuds!

The infamous San Marco square is best visited repeated through different times of the day. In the evening time it is lively and romantic. There are about 4 cafes on this prime location which hosts live performances at night. My favorite was definitely the Jazz one facing the Doge’s Palace – the jazz ensemble took my breathe away~~~

Arriving in Venice