Beach life – taking a breather


After an intense working month, I took a breather and spent a week in Punta Cana with some great company. The Bavaro beach was just as in pictures – cushiony white sands and turquoise ocean. Beach resort vacation is definitely the most fun with a big group of fun friends. We rode dune buggies in the mud, sailed on the catamaran, played volleyball on the sands, searched for starfish in the ocean, played Resistance at night, and made deep conversations by the beach. It was meditating to shut my mind off from work and let my mind breathe completely. We all need it. It doesn’t have to be by a beach. Just give time to relax and recharge so you can take on life with a positive and energized spirit.







Beach life – taking a breather

Wonderfully flooded in Venice


Finally, a full day to experience Venice’s charm. As suggested by the awesome Rick Steve, we took the vaporetto line #1 for a grand canal cruise and got off at the Rialto Bridge. The surrounding Rialto market was completely lively with people, produce stands, hectic boat-traffic, and workers unloading goods from their boats. Don’t miss out on some cicchetti (venetian tapas) lunch while you’re here! (I realized my lacking in food pictures is due to overwhelming excitement to see food and forgetting to snap pictures… Mental note to make more effort for future travels.)

We wondered around the narrow streets towards St.Mark’s square. There was a bottleneck of people stuck at one of the narrow roads that leads to the square, and once we braved through the crowd, we were welcomed by an utter surprise of a scene: A FLOODED ST.MARK’S SQUARE!!! What an unexpected highlight! Without hesitation, I took off my shoes and happily splashed around the water-covered playground of a square. After that fun episode, we headed to Doge’s palace down the square (which was infinitely better than the Correr’s museum on the other side of the square). And finally, we ended the day with a trip to top of the Campanile bell tower for a full view of the glorious Venice and surroundings basked in sunset. Definitely a rewarding day full of excitement and surprises. =D














Wonderfully flooded in Venice